Who is responsible for king duncans

culpability in macbeth

Firstly, we shall consider Lady Macbeth and Macbeth as they are the two who planned and performed the murder.

This is almost a transformation from good to evil for Macbeth.

Who is responsible for king duncans

The witches near the end of the play manipulate Macbeth once more, but this time it was Macbeth who sought their help therefore getting himself into more trouble. While Macbeth does feel regret throughout the rest of the play for killing an innocent king, he continues to murder.

Finally I believe that the witches played a huge part in the fall of Macbeth. She then goes on to challenge his manhood by saying that he was a real man when he said he was going to follow through with his plans, and if he actually follows through with his plans he will be even more than just a man I.

Aside from the above arguments, I also think there are two other people to blame.

Who does lady macbeth blame for duncan death

In this way, Banquo is partly to blame. Therefore, we could argue that Banquo had more loyalty toward his friend than toward his King, who should actually come first. She also makes him feel guilty by telling him that she knew what it was like to breast-feed and she knows how tender it is to love the baby that milks her, but she would have plucked the baby from her nipple and dashed its brains out if she had promised to do so, like Macbeth had done to their promise of killing the King. Ultimately, after a tragic downfall, justice is served through punishing all responsible for immoral actions. She urges him to kill Duncan questioning his manly-hood and saying that he was too kind. However, this statement can be widely debatable, as many would assume that Lady Macbeth also plays an immense role in the murder of Duncan, the beginning of the tragedy. We can see that the witches did not refer to regicide in any of their appearances. Also, on their first meeting, the witches leave Macbeth and Banquo confused. Therefore, although Macbeth had a conscience of his own and had the right to make his own decisions, he allowed himself to be manipulated by others, which eventually leads to his own death. Her hunger for status made her wish to shed her feminine image and crave masculinity since it is the only way to become powerful. No doubt the witches and lady MacBeth influenced MacBeth in the course of action he took in his rise to power, but ultimately he must bear the major responsibility for his fate.

Macbeth who has a conscience of his own, allows himself to create unwanted desires in his heart knowing well that patience is an attribute that only the noble obtain. Malcolm to England and Donalbain to Scotland.

Had she not pushed him he may have not followed through with his plans to murder the king.

reasons why macbeth is not guilty

He is responsible for his own demise although only to a certain extent. Therefore, she resorted to manipulative tactics to convince Macbeth to perform the physical act of murder instead.

Charting macbeths downfall

Their first appearance was in front of Banquo and Macbeth in which they praise him as they predict his future as the next King. This fault was fatal as it proved to be later on. Therefore, he gets rid of anything in his way and as a result, kills Duncan. His vaulting ambition drove him to perform not only the murder of Duncan but of many others, and Lady Macbeth also had a part in persuading him to do it. At first, he is very shaky and we see Lady Macbeth take control of the situation, leading Macbeth. The themes of Fate, Ambition, Greed and Manhood are expressed in Macbeth's action and his tragic downfall. Meanwhile, Macbeth had already talked himself out of murdering the king once in Act 1, scene 7, Lady Macbeth insulted him, called him a coward, and put his manhood state in question. Driven by the will to become King, Macbeth commits the murder of the current King Duncan and continuously murders those that suspect him. The imagination to the murderous act in Macbeth b. They are the two things that convince Macbeth to murder Duncan. Macbeth killed them. They are Banquo and Duncan himself. Lady MacBeth's scheming and persuasion?

So, in a sense Lady Macbeth is insisting to have the role of a man, but since she cannot change her gender she depends on Macbeth to become the man she wants him to be.

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Essay on Who Is Responsible For Duncans Death?