Vicious and dangerous sports should be banned essay

Argue your point. We may despise them because they mistook these goings on for entertainment. Young generation want fame and money and start following them.

extreme sports agree or disagree

Proponents of this viewpoint argue that these sporting activities not only put the life of contestant in jeopardy but at times also harm its spectators that have flocked from different places to watch their favourites in action. If somebody, for example, dies of a dangerous sport; his family would be very upset.

To sum up, I would strongly recommend that dangerous sports should be banned from our societies. In conclusion, it is not wrong to say that playing dangerous sports may results in lifelong injuries or even death.

Dangerous sports should be banned agree or disagree

Secondly, these life threatening games are dominating society due to reason that players are highly paid and well recognized. We may despise them because they mistook these goings on for entertainment. Hence, there is no need to have life threatening sports. Essay topics: some people think that dangerous sports should be banned. Write at least words. This essay will discuss this in detail. Model Answer 1: Sports not only improve the skills and abilities of athletes, but it also helps them kerb their lust for the thrill, adventure and passion. Sports are an indispensable part of human life. Next, sports are meant to help people improve their health. But are our feelings of superiority really justified?

There are competitions for dangerous sports so if contestants enter those type of competitions, there is a soaring chance that they might end up with serious injuries. It improves their decision-making skills under extreme conditions because a single wrong move can have severe consequences.

Spectators are willing to pay vast sums of money to. Many people die in such accidents and many others get serious injuries.

government should ban dangerous sports
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