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Transport logistics knows no borders We at the Rhenus Group use our services and own assets to cope with the enormous challenge of linking up various staging posts in a transport chain quickly and reliably on a daily basis.

You need to have an idea in mind about what the vehicle will be used for before you can go to a dealership.

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The ability to track consignments and link our programmes with your ERP software help to ensure a rapid exchange of information.

Your idea of the ideal vehicle for your type of transport and logistics company may have to be adjusted based on the amount of finance you qualify for or how much capital you have managed to allocate to purchasing of vehicles for your fleet. Remember that according to South African law, any vehicle on public roads needs to be deemed roadworthy by an official testing station.

Transport logistics is similar to logistics transportation. How can I get truck finance for my transport and logistics company? The right Transport Logistics for your goods The best consumer item is useless if it does not reach the shops or cannot be supplied to consumers.

There are multiple options including the bank, investors and bootstrapping. There are important distinctions between supply chain, logistics, and transportation.

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The latter is crucial for providing reliable service to customers as you must deliver the excellence you will market to them. Truck transport because as we will see, the services that fall under the umbrella of these terms of primarily related to truck transport. Experts recommend investing in a long-haul truck for larger cargo and longer trips. But even the production and delivery of local products demand precise planning so that the relevant means of transport and intermediate storage facilities can be used in the correct way. This can mean the following: Pool Distribution. Our IT systems embrace the latest technology and are continually being improved so that we can manage the movement of goods precisely and shape these processes in a transparent way for all those involved. Remember to factor in the running costs of operating a logistics company, such as maintenance and wear-and-tear.

The Department of Public TransportRoads and Works is responsible for the issuing of operating licenses. Based on our all-round view, transport logistics does not end with loading or unloading the mode of transport and shipping the goods from A to B.

The globalised division of labour is now the rule rather than the exception and calls for innovative transport logistics services.

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