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For example, at the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, commemorated in [8]monuments to Stalin were erected in front of the office of the Communist party in Lipetsk and Penza [9].

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As the war progressed, Stalin participated in the major Allied conferences, including those in Tehran and Yalta He even had himself credited as the brains behind the reform of Russia's economic condition during Lenin's rule. Writers and artists who dared to claim that Russian writers and cultural figures of the past had learned from the West were pilloried.

And they really left the family to certain famine death. In the Russian Civil War that followed, Stalin forged connections with various Red Army generals and eventually acquired military powers of his own.

It was Stalin's aim to see all farms nationalised, with the state becoming the sole owner. Millions struggled in universities, institutes, and night schools for the all important specialized education.

Activities: 1. Stalin: Russia's Man of Steel.

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They went from house to house and they took away everything to the last grain. During these years, Stalin had continued to move up the party ladder, and in he became secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party , a role that enabled him to appoint his allies to government jobs and grow a base of political support. The Bolshevik revolutionaries and supporters of Lenin and Trotsky who dared to challenge him were expelled from the party, imprisoned in labour camps, exiled from Russia and even assassinated. Stalin blamed Kirov's death on foreign powers, the exiled Trotsky, and the moderates. Visit Website Stalin grew up poor and an only child. The armed forces were dominated by Russians and Ukrainians, but the upper echelons of the Communist Party did not contain as many Ukrainians as might have been expected, given the size of that republic. Stalin had ignored warnings from the Americans and the British, as well as his own intelligence agents, about a potential invasion, and the Soviets were not prepared for war. High salaries and many special privileges were offered to the technical and managerial elite. Red paint had been thrown on the monument a few times [12]. After his contribution to the October Revolution in , Stalin rose to become the first General Secretary of the Bolshevik Party in He would not tolerate any opposition within the Communist Party. And I told my mother that 'we're the only two left', that my brother was also dead. Stalin tried to persuade the small Chinese Communist Party to merge with the Kuomintang KMT Nationalists to bring about a bourgeois revolution before attempting to bring about a Soviet-style working class revolution. But, he also tried to purge the country and eliminated a lot of the Party, most of the army, and a good part of the workers and peasants.

In addition to this cruelty, Stalin made sure that people were indoctrinated and brainwashed in his communist ideology.

His policies thereafter brought widespread starvation to that republic, especially in —33, when possibly millions may have died. Transportation systems, scientists and engineering skills from the West were needed for Russia to reach the same level as other industrialised countries in Europe.

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Stalin in contemporary Russia: admired and required