Role of schools in building a good society

On the other hand they reproduce existing inequalities, do not necessarily present a coherent and effective model of 'modern' professional and moral behaviour, reinforce authoritarian attitudes and, worse of all, actively perpetrate violence.

It is only where a narrow and fixed image of traditional school discipline dominates, that one is in any danger of overlooking that deeper and infinitely wider discipline that comes from having a part to do in constructive work, in contributing to a result which, social in spirit, is none the less obvious and tangible in form -- and hence in a form with reference to which responsibility may be exacted and accurate judgment passed.

It seems very likely that public schools will be increasingly divided between a minority of relatively affluent and well resourced schools and a majority of poorer schools much more dependent on state funding.

That this new philosophy based on democracy and human rights would mean changing all aspects of the education system was also recognised. I do not underestimate the worth of these reasons. A spirit of free communication, of interchange of ideas, suggestions, results, both successes and failures of previous experiences, becomes the 30 dominating note of the recitation.

School governance and the pursuit of democratic participation: lessons from South Africa.

Role of schools in building a good society

The entire industrial process stood revealed, from the production on the farm of the raw materials, till the finished article was actually put to use. It is not only that the occupations, the so-called manual or industrial work in the school, give the opportunity for the introduction of science which illuminates them, which makes them material, freighted with meaning, instead of being mere devices of hand and eye; but that the scientific insight thus gained becomes an indispensable instrument of free and active participation in modern social life. But the point of view is, upon the whole, unnecessarily narrow. The third discourse, not heard about much at all until relatively recently in comparative education and development studies, is that schooling not only reproduces society fundamentally as it is but also actively makes the lives of individuals worse and harms the wider society. In the classroom, matters have been slow to change in many schools. Helping others, instead of being a form of charity which impoverishes the recipient, is simply an aid in setting free the powers and furthering the impulse of the one helped. Towards Ubuntu: critical teacher education for democratic citizenship in England and South Africa.

Curriculum Convergence: an ethno-historical investigation into schooling in Trinidad and Tobago. A currently relevant example is prevalent in South Africa where teachers are resigning or taking early retirement options en masse between and The merely intellectual life, the life of scholarship and of learning, thus gets a very altered value.

The National Teacher Education Audit.

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It is these arguments that are used to justify the enormous effort to provide universal primary education for all as witnessed by the second of the United Nations' UN millennium development goals and the major international conferences at Jomtien in Thailand in and Dakar in Senegal in Nottingham: Educational Heretics Press.

This is because schools both reproduce and cause violence.

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Instructors are permitted to reproduce this material for educational use by their students.

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