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Analyze moral behavior and become better educated about contemporary moral issues 2. What are the recommendations for quality recordings?

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If a 3D entry is moved on to the state-level, three photos mounted on a sturdy material are sent to represent that entry. Complete details are included in the Special Artist Rules. Do not place the recording device on top of an instrument or speakers. Top essayists can earn cash prizes. The theme is determined by National PTA. Isn't Reflections a program to encourage kids to be creative? Each student can work to make a positive change in the world. How do I submit a 3-D entry? If the student is at least 18 years old, only the student must sign. Explain how the lessons of their chosen example might be applied to their own life in the future. Develop useful research skills Essay Contest Overview The contest is open to high school students in Nebraska and parts of Iowa. Can more than one person create and submit the same entry? If needed, improve recording quality by changing the record volume or microphone location. How should film and dance entries be submitted? What are the recommendations for quality recordings?

How many entries can one student submit? Close windows and turn off all noise-making devices in the room air conditioners, fans, telephones, etc. We are working on correcting any issues on other platforms.

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PTA leaders: instruction materials, logos, and more. Contact reflections wastatepta. What is the Reflections theme?

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Students must enter the contest through a local grade-equivalent school PTA in good standing. We are looking for members with local, council, or state Reflections experience to join the committee for What is the Reflections theme? Why are there so many rules? Essays must incorporate three concepts: 1. Understand prejudice and discrimination, and the harm they inflict on society 3. What are the recommendations for quality recordings?

The Danish citizens provide a unique example of courage and concern; jeopardizing their own lives to spare those of their fellow countrymen. Connect the example to the Holocaust if a non-Holocaust example is used 3.

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Reflections Arts Program