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how can poverty be solved

Similarly the Information, Education and Communication IEC component was introduced to generate an awareness among rural women about the development programmes being implemented for their upliftment and welfare. Such an integration between sectoral programmes and JRY, with dovetailing of funds, would help in the creation of better quality durable assets.

Maternity assistance can be linked to other programmes of maternal and child care. There were million poor in and million in ; in the rural areas the corresponding numbers were million and million. The programme represents a significant step towards the fulfilment of the Directive Principles in Articles 41 and 42 of the Constitution through the enunciation of a National Policy for social assistance benefits to poor households in the case of old age, death of the primary breadwinner and maternity.

The magnitude of the problem is still quite staggering. Poverty alleviation involves the strategic use of tools such as education, economic development, health and income redistribution to improve the livelihoods of the worlds poorest by governments and internationally approved organizations.

Thus, the total available funds in was Rs. The reasons for these include, among others, a improper selection of groups; b lack of homogeneity among the group members; c selection of non-viable economic activities which are mostly traditional and yield low income; d the linkages for supply of raw material and marketing of production are either deficient or not properly planned as a result of which DWCRA groups have become vulnerable to competition.

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Poverty alleviation methods