Perfume questionnaire analysis

custom perfume questionnaire

After that, you have to enhance her, make her more beautiful, do her hair, select her dress, her lipstick, her eye liner, her hat, her wrap - and that is a perfume.

Diffusion is the ability of a scent to reach out from your skin and surround you and others with its aura. People are also looking for a fun, uplifting, pleasant scent from their bath products, totally different from their classical scent.

custom perfume questionnaire

Physiology and Behavior. A similar study conducted in the late s for the Sense of Smell Institute showed comparable age-based trends but was a decade advanced. Dayana acted as the moderator for the group.

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Where do you buy your fragrances from? When buying perfume or cologne, they said that image, smell, packaging, shape, price and colour are factors that are considered.

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