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In another scene, he demonstrates how to kill a man by stabbing a dead pig in various places, gasping and sweating with exertion. Perhaps, too, the obligatory romantic plot strand involving DiCaprio with a miscast Cameron Diaz is simply too hokey to fit into the grim tale being told here.

New York, New York: Scorsese gets involved in something that compares to his previous work the way a fancy little sports car compares to a huge truck: A grandioso film of epic proportions and of great ambition. Or in the ferocity of the Draft Riots, which all but destroyed the city. The director's climactic moment in this urban epic is conflating the final showdown between Amsterdam and the Butcher with the Draft Riots: a micro- and macro-political explosion as the gangsters mete out their revenge on the ruling classes who can buy their way out of military service and also roar their incorrect loathing of President Lincoln.

Dances turn into dirges as dead bodies pile up. Sixteen years later, after growing up in an orphanage far from sight and out of mind, he arrives back at the Five Points, bent on revenge.

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Competing fire departments battle each other while untended buildings blaze beside them. Scorsese is probably our greatest active American director Robert Altman is another candidateand he has given us so many masterpieces that this film, which from another director would be a triumph, arrives as a more measured accomplishment.

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It is just bloody revenge that he wants. The streets erupt in a saturnalia of lawlessness, to which the director adds an inspired touch: an escaped elephant from Barnum's circus trumpeting down the rubble-strewn streets.

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If you happen to be a fan of quality movies and acting and have just not got around to this film- you will really appreciateDaniel Day-Lewis offers up some of the best acting you'll ever see. Both fight for dignity and life. Scorsese thinks big, acts big, films big. Just wait until I am older! Masterpiece or muddle, then? Truly, some things never change. It is truly an astonishing, eye-popping achievement. Great direction. Racism and gang violence are fueled by a crooked politician a lively shark in the hands of Jim Broadbent , a killer for hire Brendan Gleeson , an on-the-take cop John C. Amsterdam is not as wild, as vicious or as eccentric as the people around him, and may not be any tougher than his eventual girlfriend Jenny, who like Nancy in Oliver Twist is a hellcat with a fierce loyalty to her man.

In this case, the director is truly endistancemented and keeps that distance, even from his "hero". Some of its viciousness actually surpasses that of such modern war movies because it is so intensely gruesome, with knives and clubs getting more close-up screen time than bullets and bombs.

Diaz is a unlikable as the others, only she is female, so maybe that is her excuse. Michael, who "cast Satan out of Paradise.

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The gangs look like satirical dastards in a nightmare of atavistic street fights and sadistic entertainments created by a mad Charles Dickens on a very bad trip. All of this is a triumph for Scorsese, and yet I do not think this film is in the first rank of his masterpieces. This is a triumphant return to the screen for Day-Lewis after his five-year break, reputedly partly spent in Florence pursuing the craft of the shoemakers - cobblers, in fact. How does Scorsese show us parallels between the different gangs and between the gangs and other groups, like the Tammany Hall politicians and the draft protesters? Daniel Day Lewis. Masterpiece or muddle, then? Visually, the film is a masterpiece, offering some of the best cinematography, art direction and costume design of any film released in Truly, with this performance, they should give him the Academy award. A generation later, with most of the priest's gang now under the Butcher's rule, the priest's son Amsterdam DiCaprio emerges from state custody plotting revenge but staying undercover and making himself useful to the Butcher, who sentimentally takes him under his wing as a surrogate son figure. For my life I can't figure out why anyone would sit through this movie that has such unlikable lurid characters. There's a terrible moment when Leo gets horribly headbutted and a white-hot knife blade is pressed to his cheek. Popular Blog Posts. He actually did it!
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