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Threat Many substitutes are available. Robert Blanc will become the company's primary route delivery person, serving as the key link between Sparkling Horizon and its customers. Franchise option mineral water factory If you want to easily create branding in your locality for your mineral water factory, you can go ahead with the franchise of major brands such as Bisleri, Kingfisher, etc. Cross Communication is also allowed under certain circumstances. Pure water has no taste. Who are your customers? Start-Up Expenditure Budget The bottled water distribution business is one that is a bit capital intensive especially if one expects to run a standard business. Group activity will be promoted more than individual efforts. You can purchase bottled water in directly from manufacturers and sell in wholesale quantities to supermarkets, grocery stores or mini-marts around you.

Giteshwari Bisht will be the Managing Director of the company. Customer segmentation is based on the following variables: Segmentation Variables 1. In return for each new placement, the sales person will receive an amount equal to the first and last month's rent on the cooler in payment, after the customer has completed the free trial period and has committed to cooler rental.

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In order however to attract more customers to our business, we intend to offer our customers a discount in the first three months of starting our business. Part sales person and part delivery person, Robert Blanc has been hired for this important role at Sparkling Horizon.

Also, our facility is one that is very conducive for our employees.

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You may also need to employ a driver for your delivery truck. However, its feasibility must be judged at the initial stage, especially when your budget is low.

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Our market research made use of vital information and data that we garnered from similar businesses such as ours especially those already established and seemingly successful. Eventually, the company intends to offer smaller 2- and 3-gallon bottles of water. Water plant business plan in Tamilnadu normally uses mountain spring water to produce bottled water, while the packaged drinking water plant uses groundwater from the well as a source of water, and then purifies with several purification applications to produce conditioned drinking water. The retailer sends it to the final customer. Bottled Water Distribution Business Plan — Sustainability and Expansion Strategy In order for a business to survive and expand, there are certain factors that it would need to take into consideration. Threat Many substitutes are available. Home vs. Chain of command will be maintained, each subordinate will report to his immediate superior. Behavioral Occasions User Status Attitude towards product 12 Product Segmentation: We offer Bottled Mineral Water, which contains minerals such as magnesium sulphate and potassium bicarbonate. Free of contaminants and government-monitored, bottled waters are derived from protected springs or wells or are produced by purifying and processing water from public water supplies. With this in mind therefore, we have deliberately chosen several competitive strategies that will allow us compete favorably against our competitors. Drinking Mineral Water is best for digestion system and is important for the healthy bones. Delivery of Water The Council of Bottled Water Manufacturers divides the distribution channels for bottled water into: retail grocery, commercial delivery, home delivery, restaurant purchase, and vending. Learn the process of making mineral water The pure water is a hydrogen oxide or an oxygen hydride. Place adverts in popular websites and blogs in order to generate more sales for our business.

Consider bottled water retail-: To expand your source of income, you can also add retail of bottled water to your business. Water Test In this process, we test the purified water in a home water test laboratory.

Bottled water sales increased His initial responsibilities will consist of cooler delivery and customer interaction in order to build the company's customer base quickly.

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Who are your customers? For instance, there is spring water which is gotten directly from the spring, there is purified drinking water which has been processed in such a way that impurities and minerals have been removed, and there is also distilled water that goes through a vaporization and condensation process so that dissolved minerals and impurities can be removed.

Ozonated Mineral Water Bottle is refreshingly clean, help in eliminating toxin from body and make healthy and energetic to people.

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Mineral Water Plant Project Business Plan, Profit Margin & Cost Estimation