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I do not say that other and more intelligent forces than this were not opposed to the Oxford movement : but this was the force which really beat it; this was the force which Dr. I see that you have converted by your labours what was once a wilderness, these islands, into a fruitful garden; I know that you have created this wealth, and are a nation whose name is a word of power throughout all the world.

The ordinary popular literature is an example of this way of working on the masses. Bob's close friends knew he wasn't all sweetness and light.

So his pursuit of perfection is sweetness and light.

high culture theory by matthew arnold

It is not satisfied till we all come to a perfect man; it knows that the sweetness and light of the few must be imperfect until the raw and unkindled masses of humanity are touched with sweetness and light. The impulse of the English race towards moral development and self- conquest has nowhere so powerfully manifested itself as in Puritanism; nowhere has Puritanism found so adequate an expression as in the religious organisation of the Independents.

He submits example of Puritanism that is based on the impulse of man towards moral development and self -conquest. Such energy that has the sense of obligation and duty must be related to the best light. This culture is more interesting and more far-reaching than that other, which is founded solely on the scientific passion for knowing.

Now, Matthew Arnold turns to Sin that spoils the efforts to achieve Hellenism. Faith in machinery is, I said, our besetting danger; often in machinery most absurdly disproportioned to the end which this machinery, if it is to do any good at all, is to serve; but always in machinery, as if it had a value in and for itself.

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Sweetness and light