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The previously scheduled new events for Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making and Entrepreneurship Individual Series will be delayed until to provide additional development time and to provide a performance indicator list and sample materials. Therefore, if the event situation is asking the participant to develop a promotion plan, most of the performance indicators will be from the promotion instructional area.

This feedback will help students improve their project as they move forward and prepare the final written entry. These are distinct tasks the participants must accomplish during the role-play or case study.

Can use the below spreadsheet to help.

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The maximum score for the evaluation is points. Buying and Merchandising: Buying and merchandising positions get the product into the hands of the customer through forecasting, planning, buying, displaying, selling and providing customer service. Conclusion XI. The format guidelines and evaluation forms of the Entrepreneurship Events were modified based on feedback after the first year of implementation. Each participant must respond to at least one question posed by the judge. Financial Services: Financial services refer to services offered in the finance industry by financial institutions. Rather than the interaction always being an interview situation, participants will now have opportunities to interact with judges in different roles. Performance indicators in the Business Administration Core are common to all career areas and competitive events.

The Business Growth Plan now requires that all of the one to three members be owners listed on the official documentation of ownership. Marketing Management: Marketing management includes marketing and management functions and tasks that can be applied broadly in a non-retail marketing environment.

Use the DECA Guide to familiarize yourself with event guidelines that explain how each competitive event will operate — time limits, exam specifications, interactions with a judge, etc.

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To ensure fairness, the judge must ask each team the same questions. Remember that you are making educated assumptions and that is completely OK! These questions will cause the participant to think and respond beyond the performance indicators provided.

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After your request for financing, summarize the key points of the business plan to support your request.

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