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Medical tourism in the region. Medical tourism booming in Southeast Asia Premalatha Jayaraman 19 September In this picture taken on December 27,the general view shows Mount Elizabeth medical centre and hospital in Singapore.

Medical tourism asia

Be warned though that prices, though not usurious, are climbing slowly. The Wockhardt Hospitals Group www. Another advantage is that the hospital runs its network of private hospitals in 17 locations across Thailand — with Phuket and Samui being the obvious choices for those looking for a spot on the beach after treatment. Malaysia An up-and-coming destination for medical tourists, Malaysia appeals especially to patients interested in both Eastern and Western medicine. Revenues from medical services and tourist activities including the costs of accommodation, shopping and transportation are set to grow by 30 percent to 1. Deloitte in a report also said that the growth in average annual healthcare spending between and is expected to be around 11 percent of GDP gross domestic product in ASEAN but with highly varied rates among the individual countries, indicating that there is still room to grow in order to turn Southeast Asia into the top destination for medical tourism in the world. Popular among foreigners living in India is the Max Healthcare group www. The increasing number of hospitals and investors offering global health care services creates in competition between countries, often resulting in price wars that can potentially dilute the quality of health care provided. Middle-class and underinsured patients in developed countries feel disenfranchised by their national health care systems, which are often plagued by long waiting times for treatments. In countries such as Singapore and Thailand, government agencies have been set up to help market their expertise globally. Medical specialties include cardiovascular medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, cancer, ophthalmology, and digestive and liver diseases. More than 1. The Bangkok Phuket Hospital www. Over a million patients are treated annually, with just over half a million of those being international patients from over different countries, according to hospital statistics for The country has more than 15 hospitals dedicated to the needs of medical tourists and staffed with English-speaking doctors accustomed to the needs of foreign patients.

It was the first genuinely international hospital in Asia to be accredited by the US-based Joint Commission International JCI, an organisation aiming to elevate healthcare delivery standards through evaluation and accreditation of healthcare organisationsin Recently, the sector has started attracting more international hospital groups and investors seeking to enter this lucrative market.

South Korea is a leader in all sorts of technology, including that related to medicine. Southeast Asia and India together represent more than 50 billion eurosor more than 10 percent of the global medtech market, and are growing faster 7.

Using internal talent at top medical tourism facilities keeps costs low some estimate that patients visiting India can save up to 85 percent on surgical procedures while still ensuring a qualified health care professional with knowledge of international medical practices and, potentially, a range of languages.

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The centre also specialises in in vitro fertilization and its out patient service is open 24 hours a day. The acclaimed Apollo Hospitals Group www.

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Much of their success, however, will depend on how governments and the private sector can work together to create a conducive medical tourism ecosystem.

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