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For example, the World War II brought in the air attacks that killed people without discrimination and resulted in the murder of millions of innocents and rendered an equal number homeless.

But, still, WW2 was somehow a "good war" -- because to the victors belongs the shaping of the narrative. Moreover, the images of liberated Nazi death camps, their emaciated survivors, and the human corpses stacked up like cordwood helped sear into the collective conscience of the West the idea that the war was a righteous cause.

But because the masses are notoriously shortsighted and generally cannot see danger until it is at their throats, our statesmen are forced to deceive them into an awareness of their own long-run interests.

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The spoils of war were too tempting for Wilson and they were too tempting for Roosevelt. Since , American political leaders have frequently invoked the mythology of the good war to justify their bellicose, reckless, and arrogant foreign policy. According to Terkel the war was also different for other ethnic groups as well. We handled food, clothing, and equipment. Roosevelt's New Deal programs were designed to put Americans back to work and ease the strain that the Depression was putting on the populace, but the expansion of credit and then restriction of the same in the decade prior that had produced the conditions perfect for the type of bubble that was the s till it popped in still had its hooks in the American infrastructure and it was only the war machine and its fiery furnaces that would really bring GDP back up. They protected the freedom of Americans and helped foreign nations attain freedom. According to British historian J.

Hartley Grattan had written in If someone is told they will be offered a story about a hero from WW2, They would probably expect something with fighter planes riddling each other with bullets until one hits the mark and crashes down.

Thoughts of self-assurance and belonging, once appreciated, were not effortlessly abandoned. When the men were off fighting the war, there was a need for employees to take over the jobs that the men had to do.

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Terror and obliteration air raids were considered successful almost in proportion to the number of people who lost their homes. Instead, they gave them cheap jobs. Can the Anglo-Saxon leaders who at Potsdam condoned the expulsion of millions of Germans from their homes hold themselves completely innocent?

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Many whites were encouraged by economic egocentrism and were concluded to destroy our businesses, which they saw as competition. There are billions of people in the world of varying race, age and gender.

As mentioned earlier, one of the interesting themes in the book was the widespread and deep-rooted racism of the average U.

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Germany went down the tubes after they were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Nor were the imperialists in London and Paris in any position to lecture the warmongers in Berlin on their obligation to respect the territorial integrity of smaller nations. Because of the institutionalized racism that was heavy in the military against African-Americans. And indeed, the regimes the Allied forces ultimately vanquished were truly evil. However, Americans forget to acknowledge the fact that people put their lives on the line for them so they can be where they are today. This would be through the Pacific, where Japan was on the move and pressing the beleaguered European colonial powers. However, because of the discrimination, not many were allowed to engage. Adams holds a Ph.
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Was the “Good War” Really Good?