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LDCs liberalize in the context of broader economic reforms, which often include selling state-owned industries; reducing government taxation, spending, and borrowing; and deregulating domestic prices and production.

As income is the most direct factor and exerts a positive impact on the purchase decision of insurance, it could be conjectured that the difference of insurance consumption across countries should diminish with the convergence of income level.

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This dynamic has been at work inside the United States, which has itself been a continent-sized free- trade area for more than two centuries. They can incorporate new technology by importing capital equipment that embodies the latest advances and computers with the latest software.

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Based on Cummins and Venard's10 argument, we infer that globalisation could gradually reduce the difference in the development of insurance markets across countries. Carter and Dickinson 39 and Enz7 developed a logistic model to portray the relationship between insurance penetration and GDP per capita.

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But the primary engine of change in the U. As factors that influence the development of life insurance markets come from economic and socio-cultural aspects, 8 we examine the effect of overall globalisation as well as of sub-dimensions, including economic, social and political dimensions. Some other companies like Whirlpool and Evansville are also moving to Mexico by mid LDCs liberalize in the context of broader economic reforms, which often include selling state-owned industries; reducing government taxation, spending, and borrowing; and deregulating domestic prices and production. Next, existing studies document the possible influence of globalisation on insurance development from points of theoretical description, 5 and we empirically verify the impact of globalisation. Nations in the top quintile in grew almost three times faster 2. In a few countries in Asia, the level of domestic savings has been high enough to finance domestic investment, but typically the domestic pool of savings in an LDC is inadequate. For reasons of internal efficiency as well as public perceptions, multinational companies tend to impose higher standards on their overseas production plants than those prevailing in local markets, thus raising average standards in the host country. It delivers an immediate gain to workers by raising the real value of their wages. Heterogeneity results from the differences in country-specific characteristics. It has simultaneously one of the most open economies and one of the cleanest environments in the world. Moreover, the potential support ratio the number of persons aged 15—64 years for each older person aged 65 years or over declined from 12 to nine potential workers per older person between and , and will drop further to four by Labor Department surveys show that three-quarters of Americans displaced from their jobs in —97 were working in sectors of the economy that are relatively insulated from trade. Today, migration flows of workers from developing to developed countries have slowed down, due to the economic crisis.

At the turn of the last century, inper-capita income varied widely across the four major regions of the United States. Free trade and domestic liberalization—and the faster growth they create—are the best ways to encourage higher standards.

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We exemplify two important growth markets, China and India, to illustrate more clearly the possible effects of globalisation or openness on the development of life insurance markets.

By now, the article further argues, the EU has become an "imperfect" but "indispensable" tool for Europe's management of globalization.

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A share of the credit for political reform must be given to economic liberalization and the educated middle class it helped to create and nurture. The relative success of openness as a policy, compared with protectionism, has spurred a global movement toward unilateral trade liberalization. For instance, in the period — the world's GDP grew in an annual growth rate of above 10 per cent in current U. In contrast, the logistic model or the S-curve model considers the non-linear effect of income on the demand for insurance. Deininger and L. We define the deviation of life insurance markets across countries as the difference, in absolute terms, between actual life insurance penetration and the estimated world average penetration. The subsequent section describes the econometric methods and the data. July 21, Many in France are blaming globalization for causing high youth unemployment and a stagnated, post recessionary economy. Globalization and the growth it spurs have contributed to expanded political and civil freedom in a number of countries. Sub-Saharan Africa has lagged behind the rest of the world in economic growth in significant part because its markets remain among the most closed in the world. Enz7 indicates that increased globalisation in the insurance sector might bring about an integration towards the world average. We examine this issue in the later section. Global Exchange Privatizations: The End of a Cycle of Plundering November 1, This article looks at the rise of anti-privatization struggles in Latin America by exploring how current resistance links back to the International Financial Institutions' privatization policies and the subsequent debt crisis.

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IMF Economic Forum: Globalization: a blessing or a curse? : IMF Survey, Volume 31, Issue