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Program Rules The following guidelines for the preparation of student writings have been distributed to all participating superintendents, principals and teachers: Students may use any form of written expression e. All across America, students like yours are rising to the challenge of doing something to end violence among young people. See the attached Cover Sheet. Many of the teachers whose classes have participated in the Challenge in the past have invited outside speakers knowledgeable about youth violence issues to lead pre-writing discussions. The essays addressed three questions: How has youth violence and drug abuse affected my life? Teachers have indicated that they are amazed at the openness and honesty of these classroom discussions. Essay By Jordan Gillespie People all over the world come in contact with violence every day. Teacher Survey Please complete the enclosed teacher survey pdf as soon as your students have submitted their writings to you and send it to the National Campaign to Stop Violence, Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, D. Through classroom discussion and essays, students communicate what they think should be done to reduce youth violence. Please confirm due dates with your local program. Your home? Speakers or articles, which emphasize personal responsibility on the part of students for responding to the problem of violence, have proven to be particularly useful. Lookup violence on the internet, but not on Wikipedia. Through classroom discussions and writings, students communicate what they think should be done to reduce youth violence.

If you commit violence, you're going down; you need to come up and fix your frown. Accept the Do the Write Thing Challenge. Violence just upsets people and makes them sore.

Editing for content, grammar or spelling by someone other than the student is not permitted.

do the write thing 2019 winners

Only one side of the paper may be used and the pages should be numbered. Be careful online, especially social media.

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In addition, they make personal commitments to do something about this problem. The Challenge gives middle school students an opportunity to examine the impact of violence on their lives and communicate in writing what they think should be done to change our culture of violence.

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Violence just upsets people and makes them sore. My last name is a southern name, and a boy in class from fifth-grade called me a lesbian because I hugged one of my best friends that was a girl. In addition, our students have been honored at embassy receptions hosted by the Ambassador to the United States from the State of Kuwait. Your home? To stop violence, play sports or play jazz. Questions to Consider: How does violence affect your daily lives? Personal responsibility is emphasized. Standards W. The panel of judges in your area will be looking at how well your students present their views on these matters. What can I do about youth violence? As I said before my story is one in a million; many people all over the world come in contact with violence every day. One of the ways I think we could fix social violence is having different exercises in the classroom that you could say something nice about one another. What can you as an individual do to reduce youth violence in your community?
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