D day in normandy forever changed the course of the second world war

We commemorated the D-Day landings in our phone-in programme, Talking Point.

D day in normandy forever changed the course of the second world war

Bombers and fighter planes rolled off assembly lines in Ohio and Kansas, where my grandmother did her part as an inspector. The only thing we argued about was who was going to pay the lunch bill. Simply honour the people who died in what was a just cause. Visit Website The move worked, the bombing plan went ahead and, historians argue, Eisenhower showed the depth of his dedication to making D-Day a successful operation and defeating the Nazis. Nicola Taunt, York, England To everyone who fought and sacrificed for the freedom we enjoy and often abuse today. Definitely not as much as Stalingrad or Kursk! There are been widespread protests in Europe in over the installation of U. Graham, London, UK The sacrifice of the thousands who gave there lives is an awesome thought. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

This thankfulness was reinforced by seeing Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan a few years ago. Key early parts of the invasion did not go to plan.

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The huge commitment of landing craft and other resources to Normandy meant that a second invasion of France along the Mediterranean coast, which was meant to coincide with Overlord to prevent Germans in the south from being shifted to Normandy, would instead take place a few months after Overlord unfolded.

There is no way the USA, Canada, Britain and its oft-forgotten colonies, the Marquis or any of the many other participants could have succeeded without the help of the others.

Resistance groups took up arms, and some began liberating Paris before Allied troops entered the city in late August. Despite the setbacks, Allied troops pushed through and by pure grit, got the job done. Instead he sent General Omar N.

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The respect and dignity of a generation can be seen on this one day. Adolf Hitler arriving at the Berlin Sportpalast, being greeted by Nazi salutes, circa

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