Cambridge first certificate writing assessment

If you use a variety of different vocabulary and grammatical structures both simple e. The examiners evaluate your pieces of writing on more than just your mistakes. Yo, John, Guess what?

english writing assessment

Content Now let's look at what Cambridge cares about in your writing. To help you do this, below are five things which I recommend that you do to improve your pieces of writing: Learn what the different structures are of the different types of writing you could be asked to write in the exam e.

To learn what grammatical structures you need to know, read our article called ' Improve your Grammar for the FCE Exam '. Here's a sample FCE writing task: You have to write about pollution and the environment, and you have to include 3 points.

The amount of points out of a maximum of 20 that a piece of writing receives, depends on four main things. If yes, you need to read this article!

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