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Which lead her into believing that it was her fault only. Bad: I longed to be back at my regular routine helping children learn to play baseball… When school started again in September, nobody had such an amazing story of summer exploits and I realized that it never would have happened if I had not done the right thing — not just on August 12, but in May by taking the job at the camp in the first place.

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The sentence could easily confuse the reader, because the main focus is unclear. If one makes a solitary wrong move, everyone tends to judge them. Note: A thesis statement amounts to nothing if the paper is not completely focused on that main point.

Give reader something to think about after finishing essay.

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They had toys and books, their clothes were neat and clean, they ate vegetables for dinner every night. Their eyes all over her like hands. It focuses on correct grammar. Nothing stands out as a main idea. Good: As I looked up at the menu, I noticed a tall man enter the shop out of the corner of my eye…By time lunch had arrived I had already been questioned by police, been on the local news, and interviewed by the third largest newspaper in the country. Review and Revise Your Essay Blueprint: Remember that a blueprint is an outline for the essay you will eventually construct. Well, then perhaps you would like to consider what I have to say about this part of the text that you may be surprised to find in this argument. Remind reader what you said. Even now she remembers the sweet relief of being able to let go in front of a woman who had seen the worst of her all her life. Ugly: I have had many meaningful experiences in my life….

It was a friendly neighbourhood: when they climbed out of their window back in the spring, an old lady brought them home before Ruth even knew they were gone. PROOF: her leaking wet body that had betrayed her.

Is it obvious that you understand the text you are analyzing?

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By the end of this paragraph you want to have a powerful thesis.

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