An overview of the demography of workers at maquiladoras

Between andnew plants opened; in the five years following, plants opened. The case became increasingly political and news-worthy as time went on. Employees self-reported data on all variables except for organisation characteristics for which human resource personnel provided data.

Second, supposedly "the border woman" is freer and more independent than women in other parts of Mexico and so she represents an actor who puts in practice her antagonistic subjectivity in the face of the traditional stereotype of the passive and submissive Mexican woman.

They often work involuntary overtimes and are often not paid for their extra labor. A serious lack of basic services means that a city that produces more GDP per annum than Uruguay still has more than half its streets unpaved.

The desecularization of the world.

maquiladora working conditions

Content, causes and consequences of job insecurity: A theory-based measure and substantive test. Inthe Mexican labor federation, the Authentic Labor Front, and the United Electrical Workers worked together to improve conditions at the General Electric factory, but failed in the loss of an election.

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Journal of Applied Psychology, 70 2 ,

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Maquiladoras at a Glance