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It reprints a essay by Alan Moore on how to write comics successfully that originally appeared in the British magazine Fantasy Advertiser four chapters from issue 92, August , to issue 95, February Why does that horrify me? Be ruthless about this, and submit yourself to as much emotional pain as necessary to get the question answered: What horrifies me? If Not Quite Gandalf had accepted the services of an editor wonderful people, editors , we might have received a better all around experience. I do give a fuck about a cohesive storyline, which is in hereā€¦ somewhere. Yeah, probably it is. The last chapter however, written in , aims to provide an X-Treme writing for comics course and advises; "never to get stuck in one writing style, always be open to try new things. Any literate cocksucker can string together nouns and verbs into a Yorkshire pudding of madfuck meanderings. The Nene Hag was amazingly well-concieved, as were any of the snooker scenes.

Think you know your way around? Not Quite Gandalf spends fifty of the last sixty-page chapter going over the cover art of the book. Took the tour, didja?

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It was marketed as a novel. A terrific three-hundred-page novel resides inside this clusterfuck, though. I know how fucking crazy Not Quite Gandalf is. But it is not only a novel. You just have to dig through the salt to find the goddamn pepper. Chapter 2 Reaching The Reader: Structure, Pacing, Story Telling is drilling into the readers skull and gives tips on how to keep the reader focused on the comic book. The book consists of four main chapters, it also includes an additional essay by Moore and illustrations by Jacen Burrows. So he decided to collect all of his unused ideas into one fuck-all-big tome and call it Jerusalem. Immerse yourself in the least desirable element and swim. Took the tour, didja? Years later, the essays were compiled into a pamphlet and Moore graciously added a post In , an up and coming comics guy wrote a series of essays on writing comics. How could anyone fail to benefit in understanding from an experience like that? He also suggests that the brilliant thing that Stan Lee did with comics was moving the characters from one dimension to two. And now I shall back away from this review before I start thinking too hard about the connection between drafting graphic novels and drafting court opinions. Think you know your way around?

Ten years of anal coitus with a Word Find is the only possible meaning behind this bloated and belligerent belly-laugh of a book. Moving on. And that yes, this is a man who made me cringe by putting a golliwog into the penultimate League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Final Judgment: Thank fuck this was a gift from the publisher. With the publication of Jerusalem, we see the actions of a wizard in the later stages of life, desperately begging to be taken seriously.

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So he decided to collect all of his unused ideas into one fuck-all-big tome and call it Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem by Alan Moore